My Travel Essentials: Iceland

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Quick dry leggings

The weather is constantly changing here, and with day tours to waterfalls and geysirs it's almost a guarantee that you'll get soaked at some point during your visit. Pair that with low temperatures during the winter and you'll be freezing for the rest of the day! You'll want to be prepared with a pair of quick drying leggings under your clothes. I once walked behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall wearing denim jeans, and it was the first stop of the day! Needless to say my jeans became uncomfortable to walk in for the rest of my tour.

These breathable leggings from Helly Hansen are ideal.

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Don't wear jeans behind a waterfall!

Waterproof over trousers

An extra layer of protection is always useful, especially on day trips.

These trousers pack away into their own pouch, perfect for keeping in your backpack - just in case!

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I´m not sure if this is just a British thing as my foreign friends have never heard of them, but a pack-a-mac, cag-in-a-bag, mac-in-a-sac or packable parker as it's known is invaluable on hiking trips. I took an 8 hour hike last Summer, the weather was beautiful but about halfway through there was a heavy rain shower that came from no where! Luckily I had a packable rain mac in my backpack so I didn't get drenched.
I love this floral print one* but if you'd prefer something simpler then this plain black one* is perfect!

Pack-a-mac emergency on Reykjadalur hike

Windproof Jacket

In the winter the winds are very strong, if you don't feel too confident about a pack-a-mac keeping you dry then I'd suggest a windproof jacket.

You can get one here*

Knitted Accessories

Reykjavík has plenty of shops to buy locally made hand knitted products from. Just in case you'd like to come prepared, I'd recommend this cable knit set of hat, convertible gloves and neck warmer from Heat Holders.

You can get them here*

Hand Cream

Yes it might sound strange but with harsh winds here during the winter your hands will dry up very quickly! O'Keefe's Working Hands is the cream that I used when I was a goldsmith to repair my hands and I swear by it.

You can get it here*


There's so many thermal pools here, you have no excuse not to visit at least one! You can usually rent a swimsuit at the public pools but it's best to be prepared. This one from Speedo is described as 'black and lava red', perfect for Iceland!

Plenty of chances for a swim

You can get it here*


It might be hard to believe but sunglasses are a must during the Icelandic summer! If your heading to an outdoor pool you'll notice everyone wearing their sunglasses while relaxing in a hot tub!

These aviators are perfect*

Hiking Boots

Finally one of the most essential items to bring to Iceland - hiking boots! There are so many hiking trails around the country that you don't want to miss out on! I personally use Karrimor hiking boots as they're reasonable quality and inexpensive.

One of the many hiking trails around the country

You can buy them here*

So that's my list of essentials for travelling to Iceland. What did you find the most useful on your trip to Iceland? Let me know in the comments below!

Loppy x


  1. I’ve never been to Iceland so I have no idea what to expect. However, your post tells people what to consider. Sounds like an amazing trip to prepare for !

  2. Hi Loppy! Your photos of your trip are beautiful. I’d love to visit Iceland! And thank you for your must have list! I didn’t know that you could rent a swim suit. I guess it would reduce the amount of things that you would need to pack. Lol. Have an awesome day! ❤️