Book review - Tasty Trinkets (Polymer clay food jewellery) by Charlotte Stowell

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Today I've decided to do a review of a book that I think is wonderful. 'Tasty Trinkets' by Charlotte Stowell is a book that shows you how to make polymer clay charms to create your own 'yummy jewellery'.

When I was searching for an instructional book on yummy jewellery, this one caught my eye because of the image on the cover; a bracelet adorned with cute little doughnut charms. I wanted to know how to make these doughnuts myself. Dissappointingly, the book doesn't have a specific tutorial for them. It does however have a little paragraph briefly explaining how to create them, I found them to be simple enough to make :)

The book has an introduction about polymer clay and the tools and findings that may be needed for some of the projects. Most of these can be found around the house, for example; cocktail sticks, sponges, pen lids etc. There was even a great idea to use the sticks from cotton buds as lollipop sticks! I'd wanted to make a lollipop charm before but didn't want to pay for a pack of sticks as they can be quite pricey.
I do think that the author assumes that you have some basic knowledge of using polymer clay, so this book may be a bit tricky for absolute beginners but some of the projects have step-by-step photos which I think would be easier to follow.

Originally I thought this book would only show me how to make sweet-themed charms such as chocolate and cupcakes. However, this book shows a variety of different foods varying from vegetables to sweets to sushi.

The book claims to have only 20 projects to make. However these projects are for making the charms and the jewellery to attach them to. I have no intention of recreating the jewellery in this book, I'd rather use the charms for creating my own pieces, so realistically you have about 30 projects.

You can buy the book here*

Here is a list of the projects in the book:
  1. Chilli pepper charms
  2. Cupcake brooches
  3. Bakery charms (breads, croissants etc)
  4. Doughnut charms (briefly explained)
  5. Dolly mixture beads
  6. Liquorice allsort beads (briefly explained)
  7. Jam tart charms
  8. Christmas pudding charm
  9. Yule log charm
  10. Candy cane charm
  11. 3 different gingerbread charms (I can't wait to try these ^^ although it should probably be closer to Christmas!)
  12. Swiss roll charms
  13. Burger charms
  14. Hot dog charms
  15. Box of french fries charms (briefly explained)
  16. Pizza pendants
  17. French fondant fancy charms
  18. Orange chocolates charms
  19. Chocolate bar pendants
  20. Sushi beads
  21. Cake slice charms
  22. Rainbow lolly brooches
  23. Battenburg cake charms
  24. Ice cream cone charms
  25. Strawberry charms
  26. Cirtus charms (briefly explained)
  27. Harvest time brooches
  28. Pumpkin charms (briefly explained)
  29. Melon slice charms
  30. Orange and lemon slice charms (briefly explained)

Some of the charms I've made from the book.
This book retails for £4.99 in the UK which I think is a bargain price for a book that gives you around 30 projects, especially when you only expect 20! It can be found on Amazon for £3.44 with free postage -

Overall, I'd definately recommend this book :)

Loppy x

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