Polymer clay comparison review - Fimo Soft vs Sculpey III

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So about 2 months ago I started using polymer clay to make my own charms. I have used Fimo Soft before, when I was a kid my nan taught me how to use it and I used it to make fruit baskets for her doll's house :)
I originally had no interest in trying Sculpey so I bought 10 packets of Fimo (10 packets for £16 on Beads Unlimited - bargain!) but when they arrived I realised I didn't have enough colours. I looked on ebay to see if I could find any cheap Fimo samples so I could stock up on colours, instead I found a Sculpey sample pack, 30 half size packets for under £16!

You can buy the Sculpey sample pack here*

You can buy a fimo starter pack here*

When the Sculpey arrived I couldn't wait to use it, so I made these cute doughnut charms ^^

To make these charms I followed intructions from the book 'Tasty Trinkets' by Charlotte Stowell. I highly recommed this book.
I found the Sculpey much easier to use for making handmade charms than Fimo. Sculpey is much more pliable and softens a lot quicker than Fimo.

However I think that Fimo is much better to use with silicone moulds because it isn't as soft as sculpey. Below is a photo of 2 oreo pendants I made, the strawberry oreo in made of Sculpey, the chocolate oreo is made of Fimo.

I used the same mould for both of these pendants.

I don't know if you can see it very well on the picture, but the chocolate oreo has kept it's shape and pattern better than the strawberry one. The Fimo is much firmer which makes it easier to push out of the mould, whereas the Sculpey stuck to the mould. The chocolate oreo took me 5 minutes to make, minus the filling, the strawberry oreo took me 20 minutes.

So in my opinion, use Sculpey III for handmade charms and Fimo Soft for silicone moulds :)

Loppy x

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