Vintage swallow necklace - tutorial

Okay so today I thought I'd make a tutorial showing you how to create this pretty vintage style swallow necklace :)

You will need:
  •  Adhesive (I use 5 minute epoxy, available from Beads Unlimited)
  • Pliers for opening and closing jump rings (I always use 2 pairs, one to hold the jump ring, the other to open it)
  • 5 Jump rings
  •  1 Brass lobster clasp (I like to use heart-shaped clasps ^^)
  • 1 Brass extender chain
  • 2 Pieces of brass chain, each cut to half the length you want the necklace
  • 1 Brass cabochon setting connector charm
  • 1 Resin flower that fits in the cabochon setting connector charm
  • 1 Brass swallow

Glue the resin flower into the cabochon setting connector charm and leave to dry.

When the glue is dry, use a jump ring to attach the connector to one side of the pendant.

Using a jump ring, connect the other side of the pendant to one piece of chain. Connect the other side of the connector to the other piece of chain.

Using jump rings, attach the clasp to the end of one of the chains, and the extender chain to the other.

Here is the finished necklace!

Of course, you can use a pre-assembled chain if you prefer, just fold it in half and cut it. Then attach the pendant and connector.

Loppy x


  1. I love this! And considering there upwards of £10 to buy in high street shops like Accesorize and what not, I think it's worth it to make your own!

  2. Thanks :)
    I usually go to Accesorize and Claire's to get inspiration for pieces like this. This one cost me about £1.50-£2 to make x