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As I mentioned in an earlier post, Halloween is my favourite time of year. I'm quite excited for it. Actually no, I'm extremely excited for it. I haven't made any charms out of polymer clay for a while, so I decided that I wanted to make some Halloween-themed charms. I saw some adorable pumpkin charms on youtube and I decided to make some for myself ^^

You will need:
  • Wipes, to clean your hands when using a new colour of clay
  • Varnish* (optional)
  • Green and orange polymer clay (I'm using Fimo Soft in shades Apple Green* and Cognac*) 
  • Paintbrushes (one for varnish, one for paint)
  • Black and white acrylic paint (optional)
  • Cocktail sticks (not pictured)

Shape the orange Fimo into a pumpkin shape. Everyone's interpretation of the shape of a pumpkin is different, so shape them the way you think is right :)

Using cocktail sticks, poke holes in the top of your pumpkin shape.

Using the green clay, make a tiny stalk shape and use a cocktail stick to poke it in the hole you made. I used the cocktail sticks to make indents around and on the stalk, this is optional but does help the stalk to stick to the pumpkin.

Cut an eye pin down to size and bend the end of it into a tight hook, this helps the pin to stay in the clay once it's baked.

Bake your charm on a low heat for about 10 minutes, I usually use gas mark 3.

Using black paint, paint a jack 'o' lantern face onto the pumpkin. This is optional.

I like to add white dots in the eyes, I think it looks cuter this way ^^ again this is optional. Varnish the charm when the paint is dry if desired.

Loppy :) x
I should probably start this post by mentioning that Etsy.com and Folksy.com are online craft marketplaces.

Today I decided that I'm going to try to start selling items on Etsy again after failing previously. I currently have 2 items listed and I'll put some more on in a few days.

The main reason I've decided to open my online shop again is because I've had quite a few orders from my blog and it would be much easier and safer to carry out transactions online through paypal.

I have previously tried to use Folksy as an online shop too (it's the UK version of Etsy) and I did consider re-opening that shop but the listing charges are slightly more and even fewer people know about Folksy than Etsy. However Etsy will only allow me to price things in dollars and currency converters can't give me an exact conversion -_- So maybe I will re-open my Folksy shop instead.

Anyway, if you see anything you would like to purchase (though paypal) on this blog, either email me at loppyloves@live.co.uk or comment on this post and we can arrange which shop you want to complete the transaction with :')

My Etsy shop:

My Folksy shop:

Loppy x
I'm quite excited ^^ Halloween is my favourite time of year and I've just discovered that BeadsUnlimited.co.uk have started selling Halloween charms!

I've just ordered some bats and tiny witches, can't wait for them to come!

Beadsdirect.co.uk have started selling some too. Although there's a slightly larger selection, the prices aren't as good.

I'm going to be making lots of Halloween jewellery in the next month, including a few different ouija board pendants. Today I received my first ever digital collage sheets, full of vintage ouija board images (all for scrabble tile pendants!).

If I manage to get at least 5 followers (only 3 to go!) by 10th October I'll be doing a giveaway for some Halloween jewellery, so please help promote my blog!

Loppy x
Here's something I've wanted to do for a while, so today I decided to try it :)
Scrabble tile pendants look great and are inexpensive to make. The materials used for them aren't too hard to find, I got mine off ebay. The best thing about them is that the pendants can have absolutely anything on them; photos, artwork, magazine cuttings etc.

You will need:
  • Adhesive
  • 1 Inch square epoxy stickers
  • 1 Inch square wooden tile
  • A bail
  • Decorative paper/artwork/photo of your choice

Cut an epoxy sticker from the sheet, leaving the film on it to prevent any dust from sticking to it.

Place the sticker on your chosen image, be very careful not to touch the back of the sticker whilst doing this. Press down on the sticker to remove air bubbles.

Cut around the sticker. Be careful not to cut the actual sticker itself.

Using a strong adhesive, attach the image to a wooden tile, it probably won't be a perfect fit but that doesn't matter.

Use the adhesive to attach a bail to the tile.

And that's it :) These pendants look best on a ball chain.

Loppy x

I've been making cake pops for the last 6 hours and I'm not even half way done -_- So I thought I'd post this blog before the stress actually kills me.

1. Bake a cake :) I'll post the recipe I used when I'm not so tired.

2.Cut it into quarters.

3. Rub 2 of the quarters together to make crumbs. Continue until all the cake is crumbed.

4. Mix in thick, creamy icing. I'm using Betty Crocker's Rich & Creamy Icing.

5. Make little balls out of the mixture.

6. Leave to set in the fridge for roughly 30 minutes.

7. Melt some chocolate.

8. Dip the end of a stick into the melted chocolate.

9. Place the stick into a cake ball.

10. Cover the cake ball in chocolate. DO NOT TWIST THE BALL IN CHOCOLATE OR IT WILL FALL OFF!

11. Decorate.

12. Leave to set.

13. Package.

14. Eat :)

Loppy x
Here is a great way to make beautiful but inexpensive flower hair grips. I bought a pair of these at my last craft fair and decided to make some myself.

You will need:
  • Paper flowers on wire (I got a bunch of 6 paper roses for 20p at my local craft shop)
  • Hair grips
  • Cutter pliers or scissors
  • Needle nosed pliers

Take a paper flower and wrap the wire securely around the curve of the grip. Use the needle nosed pliers to pull the wire tight each time you wrap it around the grip. Apply glue to secure if needed (I didn't need to).
Repeat to make as many grips as you like, I prefer to wear grips in pairs.

And that's it :) A beautiful pair of hair grips!

Loppy x
This project is really easy to make, and it allows you to easily change charms on your bracelet as your style changes.

You will need:
  • Pliers for opening and closing jump rings
  • A length of chain, long enough to fit your wrist and wide enough to attach charms on to
  • A toggle clasp
  • Charms of your choice
  • Jump rings
  • One lobster clasp per charm

Attach the toggle clasp to the chain using jump rings, this makes your bracelet.

Jack and Sally from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' ^^

Attach one lobster clasp to each charm, you may or may not need jump rings depending on whether you can open the loop on the charm or not. I did not need to use jump rings with these charm.

Then just use the lobster clasps to clip the charms to your bracelet, simple! :)

You can add as many charms a you want, to remove the charms, just unclip them from the chain!

Loppy x
I got a new camera today so my blog will now be updated on a daily basis with decent pictures ^^

I went a little picture crazy, so here's some (macro!) pictures of my jewellery.

'True Blood' inspired vial necklace

Snow vial necklace

Love Potion vial necklace

Gold Dust vial necklace

Witches Brew vial necklace

LoppyLovesParis pendant

Be Mine kilt pin

Jack and Sally kilt pin

LoppyLovesParis kilt pin

Cake kilt pin

LoppyLovesParis earrings *LoppyLoves bestselling item*

Sweetheart tattoo necklace

Live Fast Die Young tattoo necklace

Electric blue antique style pendant

And here's my latest order from 'Shop!' in the Birmingham Oasis market. These items retail at £5 each in 'Shop!'.

I think they look pretty cool altogether ;D

LoppyLovesPeace bracelet

LoppyLovesPeace earrings

Loppy x