Charm bracelet tutorial *Easy*

This project is really easy to make, and it allows you to easily change charms on your bracelet as your style changes.

You will need:
  • Pliers for opening and closing jump rings
  • A length of chain, long enough to fit your wrist and wide enough to attach charms on to
  • A toggle clasp
  • Charms of your choice
  • Jump rings
  • One lobster clasp per charm

Attach the toggle clasp to the chain using jump rings, this makes your bracelet.

Jack and Sally from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' ^^

Attach one lobster clasp to each charm, you may or may not need jump rings depending on whether you can open the loop on the charm or not. I did not need to use jump rings with these charm.

Then just use the lobster clasps to clip the charms to your bracelet, simple! :)

You can add as many charms a you want, to remove the charms, just unclip them from the chain!

Loppy x

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