Halloween jewellery *and possible giveaway*

I'm quite excited ^^ Halloween is my favourite time of year and I've just discovered that BeadsUnlimited.co.uk have started selling Halloween charms!

I've just ordered some bats and tiny witches, can't wait for them to come!

Beadsdirect.co.uk have started selling some too. Although there's a slightly larger selection, the prices aren't as good.

I'm going to be making lots of Halloween jewellery in the next month, including a few different ouija board pendants. Today I received my first ever digital collage sheets, full of vintage ouija board images (all for scrabble tile pendants!).

If I manage to get at least 5 followers (only 3 to go!) by 10th October I'll be doing a giveaway for some Halloween jewellery, so please help promote my blog!

Loppy x