New camera and 'Shop!' order

I got a new camera today so my blog will now be updated on a daily basis with decent pictures ^^

I went a little picture crazy, so here's some (macro!) pictures of my jewellery.

'True Blood' inspired vial necklace

Snow vial necklace

Love Potion vial necklace

Gold Dust vial necklace

Witches Brew vial necklace

LoppyLovesParis pendant

Be Mine kilt pin

Jack and Sally kilt pin

LoppyLovesParis kilt pin

Cake kilt pin

LoppyLovesParis earrings *LoppyLoves bestselling item*

Sweetheart tattoo necklace

Live Fast Die Young tattoo necklace

Electric blue antique style pendant

And here's my latest order from 'Shop!' in the Birmingham Oasis market. These items retail at £5 each in 'Shop!'.

I think they look pretty cool altogether ;D

LoppyLovesPeace bracelet

LoppyLovesPeace earrings

Loppy x

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