Selling on Etsy and Folksy

I should probably start this post by mentioning that and are online craft marketplaces.

Today I decided that I'm going to try to start selling items on Etsy again after failing previously. I currently have 2 items listed and I'll put some more on in a few days.

The main reason I've decided to open my online shop again is because I've had quite a few orders from my blog and it would be much easier and safer to carry out transactions online through paypal.

I have previously tried to use Folksy as an online shop too (it's the UK version of Etsy) and I did consider re-opening that shop but the listing charges are slightly more and even fewer people know about Folksy than Etsy. However Etsy will only allow me to price things in dollars and currency converters can't give me an exact conversion -_- So maybe I will re-open my Folksy shop instead.

Anyway, if you see anything you would like to purchase (though paypal) on this blog, either email me at or comment on this post and we can arrange which shop you want to complete the transaction with :')

My Etsy shop:

My Folksy shop:

Loppy x

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