Christmas on a budget :)

I did say I'd write this post a couple of weeks ago but I've been quite busy lately, and when I was free, the things I needed hadn't come throught the post yet :(
(I usually leave Christmas presents until the last minute anyway!)

This is how I created my stocking fillers for friends this year :D

I bought some candied chocolate hearts from ebay. The black and white ones cost about £1 for a bag of 100, the silver ones cost £2 for 100.

I bought some plain flat-packed wedding favour boxes, decorated them with paper (I think that's called decoupage!) and filled them with the chocolates. The boxes cost me £1.50 for 10.

I bought a box of 15 candy canes for £2 and put one candy cane in with each present (there's loads left over for me!) ;)

This pack of candles cost £2 from Primark. I put one or two in with each present depending on how much I'd bought the person who was receiving it.

The chocolate ice lollies are soap and the lollipops are bath bombs :)
These were 50p each at Birmingham's discount La Senza.

Here's the whole pack with the main present included, I'd be happy to receive it :)
The stocking fillers without the main present cost me less than £1!

Loppy x

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