Hot chocolate on a stick ♥

Yes, you read the title correctly; hot chocolate on a stick. I only found out about this incredible idea a few hours ago when I was searching for unusual hot chocolate flavours on Ebay (I'll explain later).

I spent quite a while (without luck) trying to understand how this was possible, in the end I searched the internet for a recipe and found that it is one of the easiest things in the world to make.

I didn't actually measure out the ingredients because I'm just testing out the hot chocolate and I'm too tired to make it properly. I also didn't use the correct ingredients; I forgot to add salt, I used cheap chocolate and I used drinking chocolate rather than cocoa because my local Co-operative doesn't sell cocoa anymore.

This is the correct recipe;
  • 250g good chocolate (at least 70% cocoa is recommended)
  • 60g icing sugar
  • 30g cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
You will also need;
  • Lollipop sticks, disposable tea stirrers or disposable spoons (I'm using lollipop sticks)
  • Decorations (optional)
  • Packaging (optional)
  • An ice cube tray or mini silicone moulds

First melt the chocolate until it is smooth.

Then sieve in the cocoa, icing sugar and salt and mix until thick and smooth.

Sorry about bad picture quality, my macro isn't working properly.

Spoon the mixture into moulds (ice trays are preferred but I didn't have any). Shake or tap the mould to even out the chocolate.

After a minute or two, you can place sticks in the chocolate. The sticks should stand by themselves.

Once set (after about 5-10 minutes), remove the chocolate from the moulds.
If you aren't decorating them, they are ready to use :)

I've chosen to decorate mine with mini marshmallows. To decorate, simply melt a little chocolate and use it the glue the decorations on.

To use the hot chocolate sticks; heat 3/4 of a cup of milk and stir the chocolate in until completely melted.

Then enjoy! ^^

I'm going to be making these as Christmas presents, as part of handmade mini hampers (which is why I was looking for unusual hot chocolate on Ebay, I was going to make hot chocolate and mug gift sets).

I shall be posting tutorials for the rest of the items in the mini hamper within the next week or so :)

Loppy x


  1. that is very cool :) i think you know what i want for christmas now :P
    alex x

  2. Thanks Alex :)
    I'll send you some for Christmas :) x

  3. Oh wow this is such a cool idea!

    Thanks for posting!