Yesterday I tried metal stamping, here are the results;

'I could really use a wish right now'
This was my very first attempt, and it's my favorite.

'Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary'
I accidentally merged the 'a' and 's' together but I think it turned out okay :)

Comparing copper and brass; copper takes patina better but brass doesn't warp as much.

I almost managed to stamp the heart properly!

'Two hearts, one soul'
I'm still trying to get the hang of design stamps so the hearts didn't turn out so well.

'Rip my jeans, not my heart'
The heart took a few attempts but it makes it look a bit more edgy so I think it works ;D
Hope you like them!

Loppy x
I always swore I'd never get Twitter, Facebook is good enough for me - and it still is for keeping in touch with friends and family etc. It doesn't seem good enough to make a business page on though and I never update the LoppyLoves Facebook page. So today I did the unthinkable and got Twitter D:
And I love it :') Follow me @LoppyLoves

Loppy x
I'm having a couple of days off work with what I believe is the flu :(
So yesterday I bought some magazines (Making Jewellery, Make Jewellery and Craftseller) and in this month's Craftseller there is a brilliant freebie (like there usually is), it's a kit to make 3 strawberry brooches out of felt!
I've seen felt brooches at craft fairs and I like them, but I never really know what shapes to make and where to add buttons and ribbon etc. These brooches are actually meant to have a ribbon tab on the top but I preferred them without.

Here's what you get in the kit, all you really need to add is scissors!

What you'll need;
  • This months Craftseller magazine
  • Fabric scissors
  • A pin (optional, you could use the sewing needle supplied if you want)

Fold one of the pieces of felt in half, pin a strawberry die-cut (pre-cut felt shape) to the felt and cut around it. Repeat with the other felt.

You'll end up with 6 strawberry shapes :)

Cut the wadding so that it's slightly smaller than the felt shapes. It doesn't have to be neat because it's going to be sewn inside the strawberries!

Divide the embroidery thread into 3 strands (that's 2 pieces of thread per strand as you can see in the picture) and embroider the seeds on to one piece of felt.

Use a runner stitch to sew the 2 matching pieces of felt together (make sure the wadding is in between the 2 pieces!). At this stage you would sew the ribbon tab into the felt if you'd like to add the ribbon.

Sew the leaves and the button on top and you've finished the felt strawberry :)
You could use this as a card decoration or sew it onto a bag or hat to customize clothing.

If you'd rather wear it as a brooch, just sew a brooch bar on to the back.

And that's it! Three beautiful brooches perfect for the Summer. You could sell these for £3-4 each, and the magazine only costs £4.99, so you might as well make your money back! There's so many other copyright-free ideas in the magazine (including many wedding and jubilee projects that will sell well this Summer) so please go and buy it!

*NOTE* I've just done a quick internet search and I can't seem to find any strawberry shaped felt die cuts anywhere, so remember to trace around them before you use them so you can make some more!

Loppy x
Recently I've been a little bit obsessed with sea glass, I'm even planning a trip to Seaham Harbour just so I can collect some! I'm particularly interested in wire-wrapped sea glass necklaces. As luck would have it, last night my work colleagues found some sea glass under a table (I work in a restaurant), so I took it home and made some pendants :)

*I have no idea why or how a customer left sea glass in Birmingham, there aren't any beaches for miles!

My first attempt at a sea glass pendant

The pieces of sea glass left in the restaurant

Here is my tutorial to make the pendant:

You will need:
  • Pliers
  • Wire (I used 0.6mm silver-plated copper)
  • A piece of sea glass

Wrap the wire around the thinnest end of the sea glass a couple of times.

Make a loop and twist a few times to secure.

Wrap the wire diagonally across the glass, take the wire all of the way around the glass and secure it at the top again. Make sure the wire is tight against the glass.

Do the same again on the opposite side. The glass should be pretty secure now.

Continue wrapping the wire around the top until the top is covered.

And that's it! :D

Loppy x
No I'm not going to write a post about some psychological mumbo jumbo, I'm talking about gaining inspiration from the past.
You see lately, apart from having no time to write blog posts, I've had no inspiration for them. Then a few days ago I was tidying my bedroom when I found a box containing a few of my old jewellery pieces from when I was starting to make jewellery. Then I found the inspiration for this post.
Designers are constantly striving to create new ideas, whether that may be fashion, phones or furniture, so I thought 'why not take a step back and look at things that have already had their day?'.

Here's a collection of some jewellery I used to wear, still do wear, and some I used to make before I started selling it.

Okay so these bows aren't exactly old, I bought them 2 weeks ago. They are however very inspiring, the bottom one even has a slightly Victorian look to it. Be sure to expect hair accessories like this coming to LoppyLoves very soon ;D

I bought this hair grip last august, the rose is actually a length of ribbon folded in a creative way. I would like to start making these as soon as I figure out how to fold the ribbon properly. I'll be sure to post a tutorial when I figure it out!

I bought this hairband specifically for my 18th. Apparently it's handmade, although I did buy it from Home Bargains so I'm not sure how true that is. It looks really simple to make; just wrap some ribbon around a tiara band and glue and embellished piece of felt to it :)

These hair bands have been favourites of mine for quite a while. To make these wouldn't be much more effort than the hairband above. Just glue some fabric to a plastic hairband and then use the same fabric and some lace to make a matching bow to glue on to the band :)

A friend gave me these when I was 15. I'm thinking of making something similar. I've never sold a stretchy elastic bracelet so this would be a LoppyLoves first!

This was the rosette I wore for my 18th. I've never made rosettes but I have worn fashionable ones in the past. Maybe it's time for them to make a come back ;D

This used to be one of my favourite necklaces; a friend gave it to me after I helped her through a difficult situation. I've never really used enamel charms before but I think using sweet-shaped charms with matching beads is actually really effective.

I bought these brooches a few years ago but I've never really found an outfit to wear them with. Brooches have been in fashion for a while now and they're so inexpensive and easy to make! All you do is glue a cabochon to a brooch back; even someone with no craft experience at all can do that!

I love this watch, my best friend gave it to me for Christmas. To make something similar just find a cheap analogue watch (you could pick up an old one for like 50p at a car boot sale), cut off the strap and thread some ribbons or fabric through the loops at each end.

I bought this from a Fairtrade buffet last year. I love the daisy beading. I will make a tutorial on this one day.

I love vintage-style jewellery and this piece is so unusual. It's half elasticated and half chain. A brilliant idea to create 'one size fits all' charm bracelets.

I bought this brooch last August. The woman who made it told me she'd collected these shells off the beach herself. A great idea for someone who doesn't have a lot of money but wants to make great jewellery ^^

Using chain in earrings is such a good idea, I've sold a few pairs with chain on but I've never though to add a focal charm and then a few theme-related charms dangling off the chains!

I want to make corset cuffs sooooo bad but they seems a little too complex with all the lace loops and all. Fortunately there is a simpler way to make them, but that will have to wait until I make a tutorial on it ;D

This necklace is simple yet effective. Just attaching the same double-ended charms to form a chain.

My aunt gave me this for Christmas when I was 13. How cheap are seed beads and buttons? Yet how much would you pay for this on the high street? Make it yourself!
*Buttons are in fashion and have been for some time.

I love the focal bead on this necklace.

Chokers, crosses and lace are set to be big in 2012. I was wearing it in 2008 ;)
I would love to make a lace choker. There is something so delicate yet so bold about lace and chain blended together.

My mom's friend made this for me when I was 7; and it's survived the test of time! (11 years so far!) It's made of safety pins, elastic and seed beads!

This is a designer bracelet that my grandparents gave me when I was 12. I've never really liked it but I've kept it for one awesome feature...

...the locket charm contains lipgloss! This is a great idea for those of you that make your own cosmetics.

I bought this in the Domican Republic when I was 15. I like the idea of making a friendship bracelet with a focal bead in the middle.

This is actually a McFLY necklace! I like the double acrylic pendant :)

This charm bracelet is a perfect example of using one bright colour with brass-coloured findings. Blue works great with brass and I often use the colours together.

And now on to my original pieces :') The point of this section is so you can see how my style has grown since I started.

One of my first bracelets. The beads don't match and the colour of the clasp isn't the same and the bracelet.

At the time this was my best piece :') I used one of nearly all of the charms I owned at the time. Oh how times change...

An early LoppyLoves 'love' themed bracelet. I no longer see the relevance of the Hello Kitty head :')

This is actually a design that I continue to make, although the red beads are now blue.

I sold a few pairs of these when I started selling jewellery. This triple bead style has actually continued in my pieces.

Ironically, I started making these again recently. I make them in many colours but this was the first colour scheme I used to make them in.

Possibly the only elastic bracelet I've ever made. I'm definately going to make more of these.

This isn't jewellery but a display for craft fairs. I haven't used it yet. The idea was stolen from a stall I saw at my last fair ;D

Hopefully this post has made up for my lack of posts and has made you realise that the past is a great source of inspiration :) Sorry for rambling on a bit!

Loppy x