Crafty 18th ;D

My 18th party was last night, here's a few of the crafts that my family and I did for the party.

My chocolate fudge cake pops. I used Wilton's candy melts to coat them instead of chocolate. It worked better and was a lot easier to work with. Plus it enabled me to keep to the colour scheme of pink and blue ^^

The cupcakes :) My mom baked them and her best friend and I decorated them. This is one I decorated :)

My birthday cake. This was probably my favourite thing made. My mom baked the cake and decorated it all by herself. It's the first big cake decorating project she's ever done, and she should be proud of it :)

This is one of the centrepieces my nan made for the tables. She put a large pink rose, a glittery blue butterfly, little pink and blue paper roses, baby's breath and ivy leaves in crackle glass vases. They looked so good that some of the guests took them home for their living rooms!

This wasn't actually part of the decoration, it was a present from a friend. She bought me a pretty box of chocolates and decorated it with a necklace :) I thought it was a great idea (thanks Katie!)

Loppy x

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