New items and a LoppyLoves challenge ;D

So it has been quite a few weeks since my last post, sorry about that! Next week I'm off work so hopefully I'll put a few posts up then.

After I left work last night I bought some craft magazines (ooh I'll tell you more about that later!) and when I got home I decided to make some jewellery. I have a big bag that contains packets of beads and charms and I was grabbing handfuls of packets out of it to find what I was looking for. All of a sudden I saw a beautifully detailed large spider pendant that I didn't remember buying, I went to pick it up...and it started crawling! I screamed and ran to my kitchen cupboard to get a glass to catch it in so I could release it outside (I do not kill insects), but by the time I returned to the bag, the spider had buried itself deeper into the bag. I slowly tipped the bag on it's side and slid out the contents hoping the spider would run off, but it didn't :( I think I accidentally killed it!

Anyway, the point is that all of these beads I have hoarded but haven't used were all spread out over my floor, so I decided to use them. I also thought I would set myself a challenge to use them to make something I wouldn't usually make, something that isn't my style. I did make some items using new supplies though!

The contents of my bag, this isn't even half of what I own!
Swarovski guitar earrings (using new guitar charms and old swarovski beads)

Teacup ring (using new supplies) I'm going to start making more of these. My favourite ring so far!

I think it looks great!

My 'out-of-my-style' piece. I don't really like to use gold-coloured findings. And the beads are old, apart from the second-last one. Also my first time using a bead cap (under the last bead!)

Turquoise memory wire bracelet with a tiny silver star charm (I've had those charms for about 2 years!)

Fangs pendant, I just never got around to making this

Polymer clay rose and swarovski necklace. This bead was in a collection of pink things I bought, because of it's size I never thought of a way to use it

Book locket with swarovski heart and crystals. I bought 15 of these lockets thinking they'd be used in no time, months later they sit untouched. This is probably my favourite piece out of the things I made last night.

Dollshouse china earrings, also in the collection of pink things
So I'm setting you all the challenge to make something using old supplies, it doesn't have to be jewellery, just something crafty. Maybe you have some cake decorations sitting in the back of your cupboard? Or maybe some scraps of fabric waiting to be used? Or maybe you just have some magazines that can be cut up and made into a collage? Whatever you have lying around, use it to make something new and email pictures to all pictures will be posted on the blog. I also want you to to make something 'out-of-your-style' but within your craft, even if it's just something as simple as using a different colour scheme. Get creative!

Finally, craft magazines! Yesterday I bought the latest issue of 'Making Jewellery' (which has some really great Valentine's ideas in by the way!) and I found a magazine I haven't seen before called 'CraftSeller'. It's an amazing magazine for all crafters with tips on how to set up your business and attract customers. It also has great projects using a variety of crafts. It's only on issue 6 so I assume it's a relatively new magazine, go and buy it now!

Loppy x