Sea glass pendants :)

Recently I've been a little bit obsessed with sea glass, I'm even planning a trip to Seaham Harbour just so I can collect some! I'm particularly interested in wire-wrapped sea glass necklaces. As luck would have it, last night my work colleagues found some sea glass under a table (I work in a restaurant), so I took it home and made some pendants :)

*I have no idea why or how a customer left sea glass in Birmingham, there aren't any beaches for miles!

My first attempt at a sea glass pendant

The pieces of sea glass left in the restaurant

Here is my tutorial to make the pendant:

You will need:
  • Pliers
  • Wire (I used 0.6mm silver-plated copper)
  • A piece of sea glass

Wrap the wire around the thinnest end of the sea glass a couple of times.

Make a loop and twist a few times to secure.

Wrap the wire diagonally across the glass, take the wire all of the way around the glass and secure it at the top again. Make sure the wire is tight against the glass.

Do the same again on the opposite side. The glass should be pretty secure now.

Continue wrapping the wire around the top until the top is covered.

And that's it! :D

Loppy x

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  1. This is so weird that you posted about these necklaces, I saw one very like these ones on a woman in a shop like last week and it looked stunning! I reckon a red one would look soooo nice (I am a sucker for red thouh ;)). You did great with these ones though, very jealous you can make them, maybe I'll give it a go some time :)

    & Thank you so much for your comment you left yesterday, it honestly does help. & I actually put the necklace back on but took it off before because he already has a new girlfriend - so it definitely felt right to take it off! I'm getting there slowly, it's just so much harder than I thought. Thanks again :) xx