Strawberry Felt Brooches ♥

I'm having a couple of days off work with what I believe is the flu :(
So yesterday I bought some magazines (Making Jewellery, Make Jewellery and Craftseller) and in this month's Craftseller there is a brilliant freebie (like there usually is), it's a kit to make 3 strawberry brooches out of felt!
I've seen felt brooches at craft fairs and I like them, but I never really know what shapes to make and where to add buttons and ribbon etc. These brooches are actually meant to have a ribbon tab on the top but I preferred them without.

Here's what you get in the kit, all you really need to add is scissors!

What you'll need;
  • This months Craftseller magazine
  • Fabric scissors
  • A pin (optional, you could use the sewing needle supplied if you want)

Fold one of the pieces of felt in half, pin a strawberry die-cut (pre-cut felt shape) to the felt and cut around it. Repeat with the other felt.

You'll end up with 6 strawberry shapes :)

Cut the wadding so that it's slightly smaller than the felt shapes. It doesn't have to be neat because it's going to be sewn inside the strawberries!

Divide the embroidery thread into 3 strands (that's 2 pieces of thread per strand as you can see in the picture) and embroider the seeds on to one piece of felt.

Use a runner stitch to sew the 2 matching pieces of felt together (make sure the wadding is in between the 2 pieces!). At this stage you would sew the ribbon tab into the felt if you'd like to add the ribbon.

Sew the leaves and the button on top and you've finished the felt strawberry :)
You could use this as a card decoration or sew it onto a bag or hat to customize clothing.

If you'd rather wear it as a brooch, just sew a brooch bar on to the back.

And that's it! Three beautiful brooches perfect for the Summer. You could sell these for £3-4 each, and the magazine only costs £4.99, so you might as well make your money back! There's so many other copyright-free ideas in the magazine (including many wedding and jubilee projects that will sell well this Summer) so please go and buy it!

*NOTE* I've just done a quick internet search and I can't seem to find any strawberry shaped felt die cuts anywhere, so remember to trace around them before you use them so you can make some more!

Loppy x

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