Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've wanted to go to Budapest for a quite a while now, and I finally went for my 23rd birthday in January. I found some cheap flights and asked my mom if she'd like to come with me, which of course she did. I booked an apartment a few nights before we flew out, got a discount on it in the January sale (it was cheap  before the discount anyway) and the gamble I took in waiting until the last minute truly paid off! We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment in Maverick Hostel.

We arrived at the airport after midnight local time and found our taxi driver. He gave us a little guided tour on our journey, telling us facts about buildings we were passing and pointing out places to go. He dropped us off on a side road which he said was around the corner from our hostel, the road was a dead end so he couldn't go any further. We got out of the car and walked in the direction he was pointing. We carried on walking until we were quite far from where he left us and we found a hostel...but not the right one. Panicking, I got Google Maps out, our hostel appeared to be in the square near to where he'd dropped us, but it wasn't. I tried calling the hostel but the phone line was disconnected and I started to feel like I'd booked a scam listing. We walked back and forth for over half an hour, exhausted and exasperated, until suddenly my GPS reset itself...the hostel was on the corner the taxi had left us at! With relief we opened the door to the building, it was 1:30am and we were ready to sleep. We weren't prepared for what we walked into; a slightly dilapidated grand entrance hall with filigree stair rails, spiral staircases and huge ornate double doors. I couldn't believe this was a hostel, it looked like an old luxury hotel that needed just a little bit of work.
We walked up to reception to check in, and on the way to our apartment the receptionist explained that the building was an old royal palace built for the Habsberg dynasty.

Entrance Hall

From the top floor

Entrance door to our apartment

Sky light

I think we luck was definitely on our side when I booked this - complimentary champagne was even included with the room!

Loppy x