I quit my dream job and left for Iceland

As I write this I'm sat at my dining table in Iceland, staring out of the window at the mountains and wondering how I got to this point of my life.

It all started around a year ago. I was sitting at work (in my 'dream' job, which wasn't as great as I'd always imagined) and staring out of the window. I saw people walking down the street, people sitting on the roof terrace of the nearby bar drinking, and people running errands for work. I wondered how they ended up not being stuck inside working on a Monday afternoon, and how my life had come to this. I'd left my long term boyfriend a few months before and was now living alone. My rent and bills were high but my wages were low and I was working over 60 hours a week to cover my living costs. I hadn't had a holiday abroad in years despite the fact I loved to travel. I simply hadn't had the time, life had gotten in the way.

I took a break from working for a few minutes and started browsing the holiday app I often checked on my phone -  https://www.holidaypirates.com/So many cheap deals. It was so tempting but I knew I couldn't afford a holiday right now, and I couldn't miss out on the extra money from working overtime! A new deal pinged onto my screen, the deals sometimes only last a few hours before they expire so it's best to book them quickly. This one was for a 'chance to see the Northern Lights in the Land of Fire and Ice'. I was intrigued, it was always on my bucket list to see the Aurora. I clicked the link and read the details; a 3 night stay in Iceland for 2 people. I didn't really know anything about Iceland; it was usually in Eurovision so it must be a European country, and there was that volcano with the long name beginning with the letter 'E' that erupted a few years ago. I wasn't really interested in learning anything else about Iceland either, it didn't sound like an appealing country to me. However, before I knew it I'd confirmed the booking and £500 had been taken from my credit card.


I had a friend who was visiting Iceland a few weeks before my holiday. When she came back she had so much to tell me about the culture and the things she'd seen. She'd done all of the usual touristy things; a northern lights trip, the blue lagoon and the golden circle. I had only booked the Northern Lights trip and was disheartened when she told me she didn't really see them properly, despite going on the tour 3 nights in a row. Even though she told me how beautiful the country was, I still couldn't get excited about visiting Iceland. She also told me the flight was only 3 hours (I hadn't bothered checking), and that Iceland probably wasn't where I expected it to be. In my mind it was north of Finland, in reality it is north west of the UK - quite close really.

Look at that view!
Esja overlooks Reykjavik

At the end of November I found myself at Luton airport with my mother, about to board a plane for the first time in years. I was always scared of flying, and this time I was worried a volcano would erupt underneath the plane before it landed. Although I didn't say anything to anyone, I slightly regretted booking the deal.

Reykjavik in Twilight

A few hours later we arrived in Reykjavik, it was raining. Not as cold as I expected it would be, but not warm either. I wasn't expecting much, but unexpectedly, I fell in love! The locals seemed to whisper their strange language out loud, everyone seemed so happy, and no one was in a rush to go anywhere.


Before I knew it I was happily embracing this culture and missed it when I returned home. It prompted me to book more trips to countries I wanted to visit, but nothing could top Iceland. Within 6 months of that holiday I flew out to Iceland another 3 times (alone!), the final time being a 3 month volunteering trip that I quit my job for. I never thought I'd be happy to be 'unemployed' but I'd never felt more alive.

Black Sand Beach, Vik

I now have a job in Reykjavik - just hotel housekeeping, and an apartment just outside of the city. I fell in love with an Icelander while I was volunteering and my life has never felt more complete. I am 1,000 miles away from home and 1,000 times happier - even without my dream job!

And my saga's only just begun...

Bathing in Reykjadalur hot river!

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Loppy x


  1. I so admire you for your courage to do that! I would never be able to do that, but you are a person to admire.

  2. This is so inspiring! I have been getting the urge to travel and this one has been on my list. Thanks for your insight and recommendation on the app. Gonna try it.

    1. Hope you like the app, they also have the option of Whatsapp alerts for deals that you are waiting for. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Amazing pictures and story! Enjoy your adventure and thank you for sharing. I can't wait to go to Iceland someday!

    1. Thank you 😊 it's a beautiful country, you won't be disappointed!

  4. Lingue e Viaggi23 March 2018 at 21:50

    The photos are awesome and your courage is incredible, leave all your life for a new country. I can understand your feelings because I felt in love with a foreign country too, Spain.

  5. Wow, what a read and congrats for being so brave, firstly for booking the trip in the first place even though you didn't have the cash and secondly for visiting solo again (and again, and again!) and then finally deciding to stay! Quite the inspiration! I loved Iceland too, I can deffo see the appeal!

  6. Thank you! It's a beautiful country and everyone should visit at least once!

  7. I quite my dream job too so that I could make more room in my life for travel.

  8. You are inspiring!! I hope to do this one day but it takes guts. Plus I like to plan ahead for money purposes and just can’t do it yet, so proud and happy for you!

  9. That’s wonderful!! Good on you for persuing your dreams- sometimes a country just gets its hooks in you. I’d love to do the same thing one day! And this has also reminded me that I need to get to Iceland soon!

  10. Congratulations on the start of an amazing adventure :)