Icelandic words (in the order I learned them)

When I first visted Iceland I was intimidated by the long words and strange letters that surrounded me. Slowly I started to work some out and understand the meanings. I visited Iceland a few times before I moved here. These are the some of the words I picked up in my visits and first few weeks of living here.

Takk - Thanks

Jú/Já - Yes
Nei - No
Kaffi - Coffee
Te - Te
Eldur og Ís - Fire and Ice
Ís - Ice cream
Skyr - Type of Icelandic cheese that is eaten as a thick yoghurt
Lopapeysa - Icelandic wool sweater
Góðan daginn - Good morning/good day
Bjór - Beer
Hæ - Hi
Bæ - Bye
Bless - Bye
Jæja - Well (can also be used with lots of different meanings)
Ég er frá Englandi - I am from England
Mamma - Mom
Pabbi - Dad
Fram - Out/leave
Ísbjörn - Polar bear
Kónguló - Spider
Köngulóarvefur - Spider's web
Kisa - Kitty
Mjólk - Milk
Smjör - Butter
Súrmjólk - Sour milk (natural yoghurt)
Kex - Biscuits
Ostur - Cheese
Brauð - Bread
Paprika - Bell Pepper
Lauk - Onion
Hvítlauk - Garlic
Sveppir - Mushrooms
Varuð - Caution
Ananas - Pineapple
Api - Monkey
Afi - Grandfather
Amma - Grandmother

Áfram - Go

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