The most common questions I get about moving to Iceland

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my move, so I thought I'd post the answers on here. I'll update this page whenever new questions arise.

Q: Why did you decide to move to Iceland?
A: I came on holiday here and fell in love with the country. It felt like home here and I just knew I wanted to stay.

Q: How long after you're initial visit did it take before you moved?

A: 5 months.

Q: What do you like most about Iceland?
A: The language, the scenery and the slower pace of life. I'm still absolutely in awe of the mountains every time they catch my eye.

Q: What do you dislike most about Iceland?

A: The lack of fresh produce. It's really frustrating when I want to cook something but I can't find some of the ingredients, or I find them but they're rotting on the shelf in the supermarket!

Q: What do you miss most about England?
A: My friends and family. It's hard to keep in contact sometimes and I've missed some celebrations that I wish I could've been apart of. I also miss my Krav Maga and Clubbercise classes - I've not found anything similar to either of them here yet.

Q:What has been the hardest thing to adapt to?

A: How laid-back everything is here. It took me a long time to trust how things operate here as it's so different from home. When I set up my Icelandic bank account it took less than 10 minutes, I thought they must've missed something important!

Q: Do you think you'll stay in Iceland?
A: I'd never rule out moving to a new country but I'd like to think that I'll stay in Iceland. I would not like to return to the UK though.

I'd love to hear your questions, please leave them below!

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