The Paperclip

Last night when I got home from work I was in my room watching YouTube videos and a TEDtalk appeared in my recommended list. It was the red paper clip story that I read about when I was younger. I watched the video and remembered that a few years ago I was in Birmingham City centre with my family, and a guy approached us and excitedly asked if we wanted to trade with him. He explained that he had been in a group interview for a marketing position and they had all been given a challenge to trade for 2 hours starting with a paper clip. He'd only been trading for 10 minutes and already had a packet of wet wipes which I swapped a body spray for. Coincidentally I was planning on buying a pack of wet wipes that same day but now didn't need to, and I didn't like the body spray anyway but felt guilty about throwing it away as it was almost full so it worked out perfectly!

Anyway after I'd watched the video, which can be found here, I jokingly said that I would only try this experiment if I ever found a big shiny pink paperclip. I work as a cleaner in a hotel and sometimes we find things in the hotel rooms that we can keep. In my last room today I found this;

One pound and 100 krona for size comparison!

A large, metallic, pink paperclip! It was a very strange coincidence but as I'm not someone who goes back on my word I'd like to try this as a fun experiment. Does anyone want to trade something with me for a big shiny pink paperclip? The only conditions are that no money can be exchanged, the item must be of equal or greater value than the paperclip, and it must not be perishable (eg. food) so that I can potentially trade the next item again. You do not need to be local to me, I am willing to trade internationally through the mail if needs be.

I'm just curious to see what happens!

Loppy x

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