The First (and hopefully last) Emergency Back Home (Part Three)

My family all started saying their goodbyes to each other as visiting time came to an end. I decided to wait for the last person, and then it hit me - she wasn't coming.
I'd been expecting my mom to burst through the door chatting away and smiling in a brightly coloured jumper, it had slipped my mind that she was the one in a coma.
I stood up to leave, unaware of where we'd be staying. We hadn't booked a hotel and we couldn't afford to either. My aunt was staying at my nan's flat and I didn't think that there'd be room for us but fortunately there was.
On the drive home we stopped at the chippy for dinner, no one had eaten much all day. For that first week we ate takeaways every night as no one felt like cooking (or eating for that matter).

Over the next few days various family members visited and it was nice to see everyone. My dad, who lives in Wales, changed his work location for a week so that he could be closer to me. He took Biggi and I out for dinner most evenings which was a nice distraction.

On the third day I realised that I should let mom's cleaning clients know that she wouldn't be working for them anymore. I looked through her phone contacts and send a group text to every name that had 'CLEANING' written after it. There were over 20 names and I knew that she didn't still work for this many people but I had no way of knowing who I should and shouldn't text. I left my number for anyone who wanted more information and told them not to reply to mom's phone. Over the next few days the messages and calls came. Most didn't reply, some sent their regards and a few offered help with anything we needed. I decided not to reply to anyone who text back on mom's phone. I was already so bored of looking at my own phone! I desperately wanted to turn my phone off to stop the constant messages and calls from coming but I knew that it needed to be left on in case the police called with an update.

After the public police appeal and crowdfunder was launched, my facebook inbox was flooded with messages of support from friends of mine and my family. People whose names I didn't recognise messaged me claiming to be old friends of mom. The police had warned us to be weary of unsolicited message from strangers so I wasn't sure who to trust. I only gave details to those who gave me proof that they knew mom (eg. exact details of where they used to work together etc.)

On the 7th day of mom's coma my nan's oldest brother passed away. He had been fighting sepsis in another hospital.

On the 8th day mom woke up.

The family together under better circumstances (my 21st birthday)
Mom was dressed at Medusa, 2nd from the right

I'm trying to raise money to frequently visit my mom during her long recovery, I would really appreciate any donations and please share the crowdfunder if you can.
Loppy x

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