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One of my favourite clothing and homeware brands is Cath Kidston. I've been buying their products for years and love them for their quirky vintage-esque British style and high quality. One of my favourite dresses to comfortably travel in is a Kidston, but I own many others too! Here is a list of travel products that I either already own (and frequently use!) or are high on my wishlist.

Cath Kidston Victoria Ivory Rose Oilcoth Travel Wallet*


I was bought one of these as a gift by my friend Rachael a while ago (thanks Rachael!). It has since become one of my favourite possessions and I can't imagine travelling without it now! It has labelled slots for my passport, boarding pass, a card slot and a detachable currency purse - literally everything I need. This rose print is gorgeous.

Cath Kidston Floral Print Oilcloth Weekend Bag*


 My grandmother bought me one of these weekend bags for my 16th birthday...8 years later it's still as good as new and it gets used a lot! They're a decent size but not ridiculously huge, perfect for a weekend trip.

Cath Kidston 'Ashdown Rose' Oilcloth Hanging Roll Toiletry Bag*


This is the next thing I want to buy! I never really understood the point of these until I worked as a hotel housekeeper, they're so useful! A lot of people use them and they save so much space, they can hold more toiletries than I ever need on holiday and just hang off the door handle/shower rail/door frame etc.

Cath Kidston Blue Painted Birds Travel Wash Bag*

This wash bag is just too cute not to include on this list! I mainly use these bags for domestic trips rather than international just because I usually fly carry on so need to use clear bags for my liquids, but I also use these day to day in my handbag. I keep pens/makeup/tissues etc in them.

Cath Kidston Wild Rose & Quince Travel Trio Set*


I love the scent of this travel set, it's my favourite in the Cath Kidston range. This set contains body lotion, shower gel and 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner - all packaged in adorable Cath Kidston print.

Cath Kidston Hot Air Balloons Oilcloth Passport Cover*


I'd definitely have damaged my passport now if it wasn't for the oilcloth cover! The hot air balloon print on this one is very unique, no chance of taking the wrong passport. This cover also fits into the travel wallet mentioned above.

Cath Kidston Retro Polka Dot Luggage Tag*


This is the print that most of my Cath Kidston travel products are in (except mine are light blue rather than red). This cute luggage tag is an affordable addition (or start) to your Cath Kidston collection.

Hope you like the products mentioned, let me know in the comments what your favourite Cath Kidston item is!

Loppy x

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