Mowgli Birmingham Review (Indian Tapas)

While I was home I met up with a couple of friends who were also shopping in town. I'd eaten not long before but they suggested that we go to Mowgli. I've wanted to try this place for months since I first heard about the swing seating they offer! It turns out only 2 tables have swing seats and they are both tables for couples, not three.
We waited for a while to get in, it's best to get a reservation here, but it was well worth the wait.

The decor was spectacular, heavily featuring monkeys on absolutely everything! Ropes hang from the bars above the tables and there is a giant table for large bookings, separated from the rest of the restaurant by ropes and a giant ornate double door.

Ornate double doors and 'private' area

The food here is Indian Street food served like tapas, so we ordered a selection of dishes with a couple of bowls of rice, roti and puri bread.

 We ordered picnic potato curry, Mowgli paneer, Mowgli chip butty, ginger and rhubarb green dahl, yoghurt chat bombs, Himalayan cheese toast and tea steeped chickpeas.

Water bottles with monkeys!

The yoghurt chat bombs and Mowgli chip butty came out first. The chat bombs were something I haven't really seen before, chickpea and yoghurt stuffed balls, with the perfect balance of spice and cooling yoghurt. My friends warned me that they can be messy to eat so it's best to try to eat them in one bite! I was looking forward to the Indian take on a chip butty, and it was amazing. Crispy curried potatoes with red onion and chili wrapped in a roti. When I ordered it I think I was expecting chippy chips in spices but this was far better!

While we were finishing these dishes, the rest arrived. I was hesitant to try the rhubarb and ginger green dahl, I prefer red lentils usually and didn't think the combination of rhubarb, ginger and lentils would work. I was wrong, this was one of my favourite dishes. Go and try this dish.

A few of the amazing dishes, I love the plates too!

We all fought over the Mowgli paneer, Katie and David's favourite dish. Soft cubed Indian cheese in a spiced tomato sauce - I think next time we'll get one each!

The picnic potato curry was my choice, potatoes and tomato with Bengali Five Spice. Comfort food at it's best.

The Himalayan cheese toast was served with the best lime pickle I have ever tried in my life, and growing up near the balti triangle that's a bold statement! I would like to bring a jar many jars of this pickle back to Iceland.

The tea steeped chickpeas are cooked in a Darjeeling tomato sauce. It's an interesting combination and was really delicious! We have Darjeeling tea available in Iceland so I may have to try this one at home.

Katie-Marie and David enjoying dinner

My first, but definitely not last, visit to Mowgli was incredible! Next time I'm in Brum I will make a reservation ahead of time, and maybe even try to snag one of the swing chairs!

They now have a Mowgli cookbook for sale which I will bring back home with me next time to try to recreate some of the dishes here (we need more Indian restaurants in Reykjavík!).

Reading up on the company I discovered that Nisha Katona, the founder, hand picks 'curry virgins' to work in the kitchen and hand trains them! I think that's amazing!
Nisha, if you ever open in Reykjavík, which you definitely should, please pick me!

Loppy x

*This post was not sponsored, all opinions and recommendations are my own.

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