Overnight Oats (V) Just 30 ISK a serving!

This is a really cheap, simple and healthy breakfast recipe that is also great for a grab and go breakfast. It is extremely inexpensive, and can be made even cheaper if needed. It is still very cheap to make in Iceland! The basic concept is oats soaked in liquid, with something added (usually dried fruit or nuts).

I've added the costing with current prices from Kronan supermarket. Prices correct at time of writing.

  • 30g Oats - 5kr (179kr for 1kg bag)
  • 40ml Oat milk - 11kr (269kr for 1 litre)
  • 20g Raisins - 14kr (169kr for 250g)
  • 15g Dried cranberries - 30kr (399kr for 200g)
  • 15g Coconut cubes - 45kr (299kr for 100g)
  • 15g Chia seeds - 9kr (299kr for 500g)
In a small container add 20-30g oats. It will look like a small amount but they are very filling!  Add a small handful of raisins and cover with milk. Stir everything together and pop in the fridge overnight. That's it, so simple! This basic recipe costs just 30kr per serving! That's 21p in sterling, proving that eating in Iceland doesn't have to be expensive.
That's the basic recipe but you can add whatever you like to the mixture. I've added some dried cranberries, a few coconut cubes and a tablespoon of chia seeds. It's still cheap with these extras at just 114kr (78p) a serving and the possibilities are endless! If you'd like it sweeter, add some honey or maple syrup.

  • Mocha: Replace milk with cooled coffee, add cacao nibs in place of raisins. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder and sweeten to taste.
  • Blueberry bircher: Replace milk with yoghurt (can be plain or flavoured), replace raisins with blueberries (dried or fresh). Top with fresh blueberries in the morning.
  • Apple and cinnamon: Replace milk with half plain yoghurt and half apple juice, add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
I'd love to hear what variations you come up with! Let me know in the comment below.

Loppy x

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