25 Things I've Learned By 25

1. Your job doesn't define you.
2. Leaving and starting again is always an option.
3. Taking time for yourself is so important.
4. Cooking at home is much more satisfying than getting a takeaway.
5. Smiling instantly makes you feel better.
6. Handmade gifts are the most treasured.
7. Exercise can be fun, and makes you feel good.
8. Self defence is a life skill that should be taught at school.
9. Caffeine addiction is hard to break, but not impossible.
10. Accept help when others offer it.
11. Do a job that fits around your life, not the other way around.
12. Check in on loved ones often.
13. You only need enough money to live. If your jobs pays well but makes you deeply unhappy, leave.
14. Learn old skills while you can, keep them alive.
15. Leaving your comfort zone does wonders.
16. Thinking positively manifests what you want.
17. Don't skip breakfast.
18. Saving the environment should be a top priority.
19. Reusable products save money as well as the Earth.
20. If you think you really need to buy something expensive, wait 3 months. If you still want it then, buy it. If not, don't.
23. You don't need many possessions.
24. Compliment others often.
25. The best revenge is massive success. Success can be as simple as being happy in life.

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